Rahmaan Statik


Chicago Artist/Muralist Rahmaan Statik from the south of Chicago, growing up on the South Side of Chicago, surrounded by urban art and public murals. He became inspired to be involved with the subculture of Graffiti / Street Art. As a sub consequent arrest for “vandalism” put him on a mission to legitimize the production of aerosol murals. This became the main focus of Statik's works: public murals that fuse the graffiti aesthetic with a classical training received from the American Academy of Art.  Statik is currently creating street art in cities across the world, creating art works for museum and  gallery exhibitions.

Rich Lo


Rich Lo is a Chinese American artist working independently in the Chicago's creative community for over 30 years. In the early years, he worked as commercial illustrator for advertising agencies. He is also a author/illustrator, books: Father's Chinese Opera and Mountain Chef. He is currently working another children's book that will be published in October 2020.

Paul Chang


Paul Chang won an art competition as a teenager that inspired him to pursue his artistic studies, at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands, followed by further study at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. He has always been inspired by the work of the Impressionist and Abstract Expressionists, which influences his style today. Paul Chang takes an abstract approach to his nature-inspired works, painting his impression of the scene. 

Hai S. Lam


Originally from the Vietnamese Island of Phu Quoc, Hai emigrated to Chicago at the age of 9 with his family in 1979. As a artist, Hai creates stunning works of abstraction as he employs short, gestural strokes teeming with vibrant colors. Hai is most in his element when creating landscapes that honor the natural world and invite his audience to go deeper in their won spiritual journey.